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Farm Blog for Saturday July 4, 2020 delivery

Posted on July 1st, 2020 by Judy Lessler

It is July. It is hot. We sometimes have tomatoes by July 4 but not this year because of the cold wet spring. But they are coming.

We are nearing the end of the cucumbers because the downy mildew has blown in from the south. This disease does not overwinter in our area because it needs a living plant to survive. It always comes north from more southern regions. For the last decade, it has come in July to Harland's Creek Farm. Prior to this, it often did not show up in NC until August. We plant earlier and earlier, but because of the cool spring this year, the cucumber season is short. So if you love cucumbers as much as I do, order this week.  

There is also a squash version of downy mildew, but it is not here yet. And this week's recommended recipe is Curried Squash SoupServe it cold just as the sun is going down while sitting on a porch under a slowly rotating fan.

Wishing you safe and healthy eating, Judy, Yoli, and Erasmo