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Farm Happenings for August 14, 2019

Posted on August 9th, 2019 by Marcus Riedner

We finally bit the bullet and bought a tractor! While we love our pair of BCS machines (a 749 and 853) we finally had to admit that we were punishing them a bit too hard when we went to do things like cut and rake hay in our chest deep pastures. Plus the idea of prepping 4 acres for shelterbelts going in next year with the BCS was pretty daunting...

So here she is, our new tractor. For those who are tractor nerds, it is a 2018 Kubota M7040 - 71 HP, 64 HP at the PTO.

Hope everyone is enjoying the summer so far. Next weekend (August 17th) is Open Farm Days, so if you want to come see the farm it is a perfect time to do so. We will have farm tours, U-pick flowers (maybe? if we get some sun?), and goodies and treats. Come on by between 9am and 5pm, just Google Map search for Happiness By The Acre.

Last thing, just a friendly reminder to bring bags (either our orange ones or your own) to the harvest box pickup each week.