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Farm Happenings for October 30, 2020

Posted on October 27th, 2020 by Naomi Martz

FINAL HARVEST SHARE!  Wahoo!  As explained in earlier emails, for all you PEMBERTON folks this week you'll be receiving a DOUBLE share of veggies to wrap up the season.  Yum.  With this in mind, we highly recommend customizing your share so your fridge gets stocked with your favourites.

Sad the main harvest season is ending?--> Late season box subscriptions start November 18th until December 31st...4 boxes spread over 8 weeks, priced at $55/box ($27.50/week) and fully customizable, delivered to your door in Pemberton (or you can pick up at the farm if you live further out).  Please tell your friends, and you can sign up here:

OK, now back to the real time farm update...

No getting around it, it's been chilly times at the farm recently. Our crew put in an epic effort before the weekend, harvesting beets and celeriac in the snow (yes, it was indeed snowing) as well as buttoning up our squash storage space in preparation for the cold nights. How does this affect the vegetables, you may wonder? Great question!

For some crops, like parsnips, the cold nights sweetens them up. We actually wait until a hard frost to start harvesting them to ensure the best possible taste. Our team did a big carrot harvest today, and they really are sweeter than ever.

For some leafier crops, like salads, it is unlikely they will bounce back well from the freezing temperatures (even though they are covered with row cover fabric, it only protects them from a gentle frost). That said, we will be transitioning to more of the hardier greens, like kale, and gather whatever fresh leafy vitamins we can find from the field.  It's also a time for seasonal veggie dishes like coleslaw and beet salads to really shine.

With the early bout of cold weather, it's a great reminder of just how lucky we are as a farm to have a community of eaters (that's you!) who are understanding and willing to eat with the seasons, and to support us through unpredictable weather patterns as they come.

From our whole farm team, we are proud to have a delicious selection of veggies to share with you as this main harvest share season wraps up, and we hope you have enjoyed it!

We thank you for your commitment to local eating and to our farm this year.


Naomi and the Four Beat Farm