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Farm Happenings for October 9, 2020

Posted on October 6th, 2020 by Naomi Martz

October has arrived! It's a short but sweet update this week, as we've got a jam-packed harvest schedule going these days. We've been having foggy mornings and chilly evenings, but luckily most of our crops are grown to full size in the field and only being sweetened by the colder nighttime temperatures. With fall harvest meal season happening, we are loving the heartier crops coming in. There hasn't been frost yet, which is late for us, which means that the parsnips are still in the ground for a few more weeks yet and we've just started the last big carrot harvest.

This week some of the main features in shares include brussel sprouts, rutabagas, pumpkins for pie, and, of course, spuds for roasting and mashing.  The broccolini is still hanging on, and there are a few zucchinis yet to be squeezed out of the field.

As we see what folks swap and choose to put into your shares each week, we are learning about what crops we should grow more of next year (broccoli and carrots!) and what crops we could scale back on a bit while still fulfilling all of your veggie needs. As your farmers, we are always learning about how to grow better for you!

With love,

Your farmers