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Farm Happenings for August 12, 2020

Posted on August 7th, 2020 by Naomi Martz

Summer is rolling along at the farm and, after the recent high temperatures, we are all taking a deep breath to enjoy some lovely (yet more moderate) summer weather.  We are used to getting some toasty days in Pemberton, but when it climbs up to 39 degrees in the afternoons...well...that's a bit much when you're out the field.  So hooray for sunshine and getting stuff done!  Now, for the veggie update:

We have started harvesting beans!  They take a lot of time to pick and the season only lasts a few weeks, so if you love green beans (and yellow, and purple ones too), we highly suggest loading up your share. 

The tomato plants are doing their best to keep up with demand, and we appreciate your understanding as some weeks yours may be more or less ripe.  We plant as many tomatoes as we can fit in the greenhouse space that we have, and it's hard to believe just how delicious an in-season, locally grown tomato is.

The salad patch has been keeping up with the hot weather pretty well all things considered, and we have a few new plantings coming in later in the month.  We plan to have salad mix available right through October, so don't fret if you're getting a few less greens this week.  The arugula is taking a break until the weather cools off, but it will be back in full swing soon.

Beets!  We have lots at the moment.  If you want to make some pickled beets, now's a good time to add a few extra beets to your share.  Same goes for salad turnips.  There are some delicious pickled turnip recipes out there, which have a few added beets for colour and texture, and taste great if you're making a summer falafel meal.

So there's some notes from the field to chew on.  Our farm crew is doing an awesome job of weeding, harvesting, laughing, hustling, and growing the best food that we can from our little ol' farm of young farmers, and we thank you for being part of it all.