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Meat Share Delivery #2!

Posted on October 4th, 2019 by Sarah Rider

Meat Share Delivery #2 for 2019!

This week marks the 2nd week of our meat share! We haven't heard much feedback from our first delivery about a month ago, which we have declared a success! If you have any questions or have feedback to share, please send it to

One exciting new product that is now available via our shares: Flying Plow Chicken Stock! The stock comes in quart containers, and is made exclusively from our own Organic chicken bones. You'll be able to swap the stock into your share or add it as an extra item. 

You'll also see Chicken Thighs on the list this month. They come bone-in, skin-on and are one of our most popular chicken cuts! They may be on your share list or you will be able to swap them into your share.

Thank you for your support as a CSA member!