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Farm Happenings for August 27, 2019

Posted on August 23rd, 2019 by Sarah Rider

One of the most time-saving investments that we've made in the past couple years is our potato digger. It works by lifting potatoes out of the soil and shaking out the dirt and rocks as the potatoes travel down a series of chain links. At the end of the chain, the potatoes are then deposited on top of the soil, ready to be picked up and put into burlap sacks. 

Prior to the digger, all potatoes were dug by hand, using a pitchfork. Such a task, although it can be quite satisfying on a good year, is extremely slow and back-breaking. With the digger, we're able to grow more potatoes and the harvest is much easier. This week was the bulk of the potato harvest for the season, which looks to be a record-breaking harvest! It was so many potatoes that we had to enlist Crabby, our old market box truck, in storing them. You'll see these in your share again this week!

 If you have a delivered share and would like to order chicken or beef, the best way to do so is through our online store

U-pick Update:  Flying Plow U-pick hours:  Tuesday through Friday: daylight hours Saturday: sun-up to noon

The crop list and limits fluctuate through the week. Please visit the u-pick board in the farm stand to confirm limits, etc. U-pick is exclusively for CSA members and limits are per share, not person picking.

Bring bags and/or containers to hold your veggies (if you forget there are always some in the Farm Stand!). There are also clippers available in the Farm Stand for your use. Please leave your dogs at home. 

Flowers - Sunflowers & more - pick a bouquet!

Hot Peppers - there are signs in the field explaining which varieties are ready for picking! - Jalapeno - pick green & crinkly; Serrano - pick green or red; Cayenne - pick green or red (best when red); Garden Salsa - pick green; Jersey Long Hots - pick green    --- Limit - a few handfuls of peppers.

Tomatillos - pick when the fruit fills out the husk! Be sure to look in between the leaves and low on the plants to find the ripest ones. ---No limit.

Basil - pick from the row right next to the cherry tomatoes. ---No limit.