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Farm Happenings for December 7, 2023

Posted on November 30th, 2023 by Tamara McMullen

Hi Everyone!

Tamara is away this week at the EFAO conference. So she's left the farm in our capable hands. Luckily Brian knew what to do and formed what Jack called a "demonic" snowman. It tried to melt while we were having lunch, but he got it back in one piece.

We are also saying goodbye (just for the winter) to our farmhands: Bethany and Mary. Mary has brought us so much joy this summer with her fun vegetable pun whiteboards, beautiful pictures, and fun questions (like what vegetable would make the best wedding bouquet). Bethany always brightens our day with her can-do attitude, her exuberant ,outgoing, kind nature, and her enthusiastic singing. We hope they have a cozy winter with delicious soups.

We still have a large variety of vegetables to offer this week. There is soo much spinach and lettuce, lots of onions, potatoes, cabbages, and garlic. This will be our last week for parsnips, so grab those while you can. Our greenhouse turnips are beautiful, and we still have some great kohl rabi available. Also grab some apples before they are all gone. And even though our greenhouse radishes might be a little scarred on the outside, they are still tasty on the inside and add a beautiful fresh element to a winter meal. This is also a great time to stock up : garlic, onions, potatoes, sweet, and spinach will all be available in bulk sizes this week!

Cheers! Gwen