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Lettuce Rejoice! Sept 15, 2022 - All the Other Projects

Posted on September 9th, 2022 by Tamara McMullen

Lettuce Rejoice!
Sept 15, 2022
All the Other Projects

Administrative Details:
Tomorrow is the next Eat Local Huron Farm Crawl!
The events are a super fun way to connect more deeply with your food and see some of the gems Huron County has to offer.

Tomorrow’s Farm Crawl includes: Grazing Meadows Wagyu, Blyth Creek Maple, Blyth Farm Cheese and Capella Meadows as stops on our Eat Local Huron Farm Crawl. With a POP-UP from is Two Birds One Stone

Full details are here:

You can purchase tickets here:

What’s in the Box?
It’s your last chance to eat all the eggplant. It’s coming out to make way for winter lettuce (you may be sick of lettuce now but you’ll want it in December). So, now’s the time to try all of the eggplant recipes that you’ve considered but haven’t gotten around to. And here are 35 more recipes to tempt you:

It’s also the last week for cucumbers which are succumbing to a combination of powdery mildew and cucumber mosaic virus. It’s been a good run my crunchy friends.

It’s the first week for delicata squash, a most delightful squash with thin skin you can eat. This is one of my favorite recipes for it:

The first of the full-size curly kale, and baby fennel are also available, along with SO MANY SWEET PEPPERS.

On the Farm
We pick up our little piggies tomorrow and I am filled with both excitement and trepidation. What if they escape guys? WHAT IF?

We’ve put their first pasture below our giant pear tree and the ground is carpeted with these sweet treats. Chances are they won’t want to take off into the unknown, away from pear bounty and their friends… right?

Here’s hoping.

Aside from pig prep (it’s a lot…), we’ve been full speed ahead flipping greenhouses over into fall crops. It’ll be our main focus until September 21 when it becomes too late to plant just about everything, and we need to switch over to farm clean up and bulk root harvest.

Brian and I did mange to take a quick “holiday” and went backcountry camping on the Bruce Peninsula. We’ve never been camping before but decided it would be best to start by carrying all of our gear on a super challenging, very long hike, where Brian threatened to kill me several times. While all of that is true, it was also incredibly beautiful and we are wondering when we can go again.

Well time to get back to the field. Happy eating until next time.
Farmer Tamara