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Lettuce Rejoice! June 23, 2022

Posted on June 17th, 2022 by Tamara McMullen

I’m going to keep this short and sweet as I have high hopes of planting a million things this afternoon while the baby naps and isn’t around to rip the transplants in half (I tell myself she’s carefully dissecting specimens to learn their parts, but I really need it to stop soon!).

The broccoli is heading, the peas are starting to taste like their name-sake (sugar-snap!), and the garlic scapes are doing the awesome loop-di-loop thing that tells us it’s time to harvest them, grill them, and eat them with all the butter.  Oh yeah, the first few cucumbers are ready too!

After the deluge last week, you would think that irrigation would be far from our thoughts however, plants need a 1” of water every week, especially in the heat (and GOD it’s been hot), so getting 4” of rain all at once was not terribly helpful.  If only vegetables were cactus’s and could suck up the flood and dole it out slowly. 

Alas, you’ll find us moving water lines around the farm today.  We’ve been irrigating the kids too- Ruby’s favorite toy this week is a 3-gallon bucket, half full of water.  She climbs in and out, in and out, and when she sits down and the cold water hits her belly, she laughs uproariously.  Jack's decided to go underground where it's cool.  Gotta do what you can to beat the heat, am I right?

That's all for now, happy eating until next time.


Farmer Tamara