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Lettuce Rejoice! March 11, 2022 - SURPRISE! Farm Stand Opens Today

Posted on March 11th, 2022 by Tamara McMullen

March 11, 2022

The Lettuce Rejoice!

Firmly Rooted Farm's Newsletter for their Veggie Loving Farm-ily


On the Farm: Seeding Hope

Hello my veggie loving friends,

We planted our first beds yesterday.  Brian and I spent hours preparing them. 

Apparently I've gotten out of shape this winter because when I finished the full body workout of broadforkin,g I had to lay down.  Immediately.  In the dirt.  

Years ago, a farming mentor of mine expressed that he was always shocked when the first foods of the year came ready for harvest.  Somehow despite accidents, mistakes, crazy weather, and whatever else, the food still grows.  This is the grace that is afforded us when we are good stewards- there is life in the soil, it makes the food grow, and we rejoice.  It is time for our first harvests, largely by seeds planted last fall, and I am too find myself shocked and delighted by my good fortune.  


Kitchen Corner

I made a mistake in my last email... Farm stand opens today for delivery next week.  Whoopsie. I considered sticking with it and giving us another week to get pure, uninterrupted farm work done, but ya'll need your greens!

Even though it is March and our farm is still under a blanket of snow, plants are resiliant, and greenhouses are magic.  Spinach that we harvested last fall has regrown, as has baby kale and a few other friends.  The last of our root vegetables are waiting to be enjoyed and our first microgreens have burst vibrantly from the soil.

We hope you enjoy as much as we are.  

Kitchen Clean-Up

We will plan to harvest and deliver next week on March 17th for all except Bayfield pick-ups which will take place March 18th.  We'll do this again in two weeks, on March 31- April 1, the following week our spring share begins!

We still have a few spaces available in the spring share.  You can register here: 

Seedling pre-orders are open until the end of the month if you'd like to place your order here: 


That’s all for now folks, happy eating until next time!

Farmer Tamara