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Lettuce Rejoice! May 6, 2021 - Seedling Sales Primer

Posted on April 30th, 2021 by Tamara McMullen

May 6, 2021

The Lettuce Rejoice

Firmly Rooted Farm's Newsletter for their Veggie Loving Farm-ily  


 On the Farm: Seedling Sale Primer

Hello again my veggie loving friends,

I just spent a good part of my day transplanting thousands of onions in the rain. Although that may sound miserable to some, these moments highlight some of the reasons I love my job. The potential that has been ignited in that field is hard to wrap one’s head around; each tiny onion will grow to be large and juicy, be harvested with care, cured, cleaned, stored, and transported to families all around the area, to be made into delicious sauces, soups, stews, you name it. Onion by onion, I held all that potential in my hands. As I spend time thinking on it, it is a powerful feeling. Also, I love the rain.

You can share in this power of growing food. Our seedling sale launches next week, and will allow some of that power to be transferred to you. Not only do you have the chance to grow your own food, but you can also benefit from Firmly Rooted’s experience in varietal selections for flavour, production, hardiness, and other qualities. This year we have increased the availability of seedling offerings and hope to scale up sales, and start to grow other food plants like berry bushes, for the future. This is why we’re building a new greenhouse this summer!

The seeds we use come from High Mowing Organic Seed, Johnny’s Select Seed, and William Dam Seed. Click the links if you would like to learn more about where your seeds are coming from! We’ve also ordered in some perennials to offer, specifically raspberries, strawberries, and asparagus.

Seedlings can be ordered starting next week when you customize your share. The seedlings will be delivered with your share or arranged with your farm pick up starting the week of May 17th. We have chosen the May 17th week because the last frost of the spring has typically come and gone by this point, so the seedlings can be safely planted outside. Happy planting!



Kitchen Corner


Radishes are more than just a little rad. Spring may warm up slowly, but you can add a little heat with a touch of radish. We have lots of fresh spring radishes headed your way. They are good for more than salads! Try them grilled, braised, with butter on toast, or pickled! And if you’re feeling truly brave, ferment a few! Let’s just say, they can be very aromatic.


Kitchen Clean-Up

There have been quite a few questions about payments plans lately. You can read about payment plan details on Harvie University here. Also: know that if something is unclear, or you aren't happy with your payment plan, we want to help!  Be sure to reach out.  

That’s all for now folks, happy eating until next time!

Farmer Erika