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Farm News for September 17, 2022

Posted on September 14th, 2022 by Teresa Kurtak

Above: Your Fall parsnips look very happy indeed... We'll start harvesting them to properly chill them soon.  (Parsnips don't get sweet without a couple weeks of cold weather.  Our climate is so warm that we have to pull and store them at near freezing in the cooler to fake some chilly frosts for a couple weeks before we start selling them)

FARM UPDATES: So glad the heat wave has passed us by.  The greenhouse tomatoes are slowly recovering.  Busy week here at the farm!  We are no longer quite swimming in tomatoes.. but there are still quite a few!  If you were thinking of doing some saucing, freezing, or canning, now's the time!  We are offering 20lb cases in the EXTRAS category for $50/each.  We're mid bean harvest.  I'll try to post a video of our new bean thresher at work soon.  It's not a panacea and we are still learning, but it is much faster than the threshing we were doing with an ATV.  The first winter squash (Kabocha and Buttercup) are ready to cut and start curing.  After we cut the squash we need to let them sit a week or 2 in the field for the skins and stems to dry/harden before we load them in bins.  The sugars also don't develop till a couple weeks after cutting, so you won't see squash this week or next, but they're coming soon!  We also managed to beat the flea beetles to this coming week's baby greens (there is arugula, baby kale, and spring mix this week).