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Farm News for September 3, 2022

Posted on August 31st, 2022 by Teresa Kurtak

We woke up Tuesday morning to cold crisp Fall like air.  Feels like the seasons are shifting.  Our lovely hens have responded to the shortening days by slowing down and starting to lay less.  The May-August Egg shares have ended.  We have 6 weeks left to our flower season before we shift gears and try to get the fields ready for Winter- pulling up irrigation, tilling fields and sowing cover crop, pulling dahlia bulbs, and planting the ranunculus that will bloom this Winter/early Spring.  11 weeks left till our CSA Season ends.  But there's soooo much harvest to do in these next 10 weeks!! The tomatoes are still cranking.  The peppers are off the hook. Next week we should have sweet corn (yum yum). Melons are almost done, but we've got Bartlett and Seckel pears to start putting into the boxes along with a couple more varieties of apples to choose from.  Life is overflowing at this time of year.  I ate the equivalent of probably 5 pears, 3 apples, 3-5 tomatoes, and a quarter of a melon just testing ripeness during my field walk yesterday.  We served 3 vegetable sides for dinner because there's just too much to choose from. 

REMINDERS:  Please bring back those mesh bags if you have some stashed.  We've run out and are now totally reliant on what comes back each week to bag the next boxes.