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What a spring!

Posted on June 10th, 2021 by Heather Coffey

It's hard to believe these are your last spring bags, my what a spring it has been!

I wanted to make sure you all knew the wonderful team that has grown and packed up your veggies. We're a five person full time crew, with Valerie part time. Along the top from left to right we have: Joanna, Norma, Marina, Valerie, Stephanie and Heather (I write all your happenings). Along the bottom is our pack line dream team from Tuesday afternoons: Stephanie, Becky, Joanna, Irene, Diane, and Kelly.

Without all these wonderful folks there wouldn't be anything for you to eat! We were so excited that we had a full returning crew this spring, and everyone started on time... but we've still been kept very very busy. A huge thank you to all of them for pushing hard this spring to keep everything rolling smoothly here on the farm. In addition to growing the spring CSA this year we also finished the 2 new greenhouses, converted a couple acres to a more durable and reusable mulch, and did all the field prep, planting and maintenance for our summer crops.

Thank you so much for joining our spring 2021 season. We're thrilled at the diversity of fresh crops we've been able to harvest from the new greenhouses. The spring CSA is here to stay, so I have to ask: how did you find the spring season? We have ideas of what we'd like to try next year, but what would you like to see? Please message me with your feedback, we love to hear ideas from our members!

Our summer season starts June 30th with weekly bags, so we'll feed you again soon ;)