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Glorious Rains and Greens!

Posted on September 14th, 2019 by Heather Coffey

A little rain has graced the farm each of the last two weeks, and the greens are thriving. Did you know that ideally, veggies need 20-30mm of rain each week? This helps not only keep the vegetables alive, but also helps keep the life in the soil active. Active soils are full of living and dying microorganisms that in turn help make nutrients available for our plants.  While we might have run our first season, eight years ago, without an irrigation system... it's an integral part of the farm now as summer rains are notoriously inconsistent. We have an irrigation pond that fills in the spring, and we top it up from the back swamp as needed. In early September this year we were getting very nervous, as evaporation takes the water levels down in the swamp each summer and it nearly dried up. Let's hope the rains are back to stay!