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[CSA Update] Welcome to week 17

Posted on May 29th, 2020 by Ida DeFrancesco

Whether you are counting down the days for school or end or counting down the days to return to work - summer is coming. I talk with a lot of farmers around the state, and we are one of the very few farms harvesting. I estimate the cool, cloudy, and wet days of spring are delaying most crops by two weeks. The strawberry plants are developing but not showing any color, so they are a few weeks away and will be the first fruits in our shares this year.

We have a lot of new processes with our 2020 CSA. We are still adapting to COVID-19 guidelines. Please continue to wear masks per state guidelines and to protect our community. We do ask that you pick up your share during your pick-up window and not before. Last week we experienced longer wait times at the beginning of the pick-up window due to everyone's excitement to pick up the first shares of the season. If your schedule allows it, waiting towards the end of the pick-up window to come in is a little faster.

For folks that joining us for the first time this week, check out last week's farm happenings for intros and more farm news.

Folks that are returning for on farm pick-up - please remove your label from your basket. For folks that have off farm pick-up or home delivery - you may recycle your boxes, hold them for our pickup weeks, or drop them off at the farm stand at your next visit. Again, please remove your label from each box (it may tear the box, just do your best so we can reuse as many as we can). We do reuse boxes - and we quarantine and sanitize them between uses.

Looking out over the fields I have planted all my early peppers, eggplant, tomatoes. I am planting the second batch of squash and cucumbers this week. Just like you are seeing in your own gardens, the weeds are loving the weather - the damp, moist, humid conditions. I drive the cultivator around the fields to cut down weeds before they begin competiing the with crops - it's a little to large of a job to do by hand.