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Farm Happenings-October 7th 2022

Posted on October 3rd, 2022 by Will Nelson
It’s been fall for a few days now and it shows up in a few ways. Folks show up to morning meeting in jackets and hoodies, most of the field tomatoes have been mowed and turned in, winter squash seems all the more appealing to roast with warm spices. Crops have slowed down too, the cooler weather and shorter day lengths (days are as long now as they were in mid March) slow their growth from what we were used to in mid August. Though most of our storage crops are stowed in the cooler or are curing in a warm room and the pace of growth has slowed there is still much to do around the farm. The business of turning over fields from lively beds for summer crops takes a lot of work and thoughtful planning. Many fields are tilled, amended with compost, seeded to cover, and yes, even hand-picked of their large rocks troublesome to tractor implements. Others are planted to crops meant to overwinter and harvest in the spring. Garlic, grains, and strawberries ready to harvest next season after a cool winter’s rest.