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D&V Organics CSA Week 20

Posted on September 24th, 2022 by Derek Zember

D&V Organics CSA

Week 20

Fall has arrived and so have the shorter days and cooler temperatures.  The crops that we've planted in anticipation of Fall, things like spinach, lettuce, radicchio, broccoli, cauliflower, etc. are loving this cooler weather and their flavors are enhanced and colors altered by the cold night temperatures.  Just as the Summer heat brings out the flavor of tomatoes and melons, the colder temperatures initiate a sweetening of the produce, where the plants concentrate sugars in preparation for some of the destructive forces of the coldest temperatures.   For our Fall green things, the seasonal nature of what we do really comes through in terms of flavor this time of year, with the temperatures becoming consistently colder.  In addition to the flavor enhancement, we also see our radicchio changing colors into darker shades of red and hues of pink and yellow.  The Fall season marks the beginning of the end of our growing season, but the colors and flavors really do shine.


Derek and Crew