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D&V Organics 2022 CSA Week 19

Posted on September 17th, 2022 by Derek Zember

D&V Organics CSA

Week 19

We are officially finished with summer crops as of this 19th week of our CSA and harvest season.  After a few heavy rain events and cooler evening temperatures, our tomatoes, zucchini and melons have decided to stop producing anything of significant quality or quantity.  This week we'll have a couple of new things reaching maturity and making it into shares, red baby bok choi, lacinato kale and parsley.  As the official start of Fall approaches us this week, our line up of cauliflowers, broccoli(ni), radicchio and other things are nearing harvest.  With a few more cool evenings in the forecast (after a hot start this week) and some rain, we are sure to be including those items in shares in the next couple weeks.  Also in the next couple weeks, we will be preparing fields for the Winter and seeding a mixture of cover crops to help enrich the soil microbial life and protect the soil from erosion while the fields sit dormant over the winter months.  Our goal each year is to have a reasonable amount of our acreage seeded with cover crops, and the earlier we can start this process, the more our fields will benefit.


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