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Farm Stand opens on 4/27, for Pick Up May 1st & 2nd

Posted on April 20th, 2020 by Joy Buckhout

This week from Cropsey Community Farm, we will have:

  • Bibb Lettuce (Head or Leaf)
  • Bok Choi (Large Green or Small Purple Lady)
  • Spinach
  • Asian Mustard Greens (Large Leaf)
  • Swiss Chard (Small Leaf)
  • Radishes
  • Kale (Red Russian)

We also have the following items from Local Farms & Artisans:

  • Pastured, Grass-Fed Milk & Eggs — Old Mother Hubbert
  • Yogurt & Kefir from Pastured Milk — Freedom Hill Farm
  • Raw Honey — Jeff Stark Apiaries
  • Maple Syrup — Finding Home Farms
  • Amish Raw Milk Aged Cheeses — Millport Dairy
  • Small Batch Handmade Hummus, Pesto, Jams, Salsas, BBQ Sauce, Vinegar Pickles Almond Butter — Hudson Valley Pantry
  • Brine Pickles, Sauerkraut, & Pickled Green Tomatoes — Corey's Pickles

How Ordering and Pick Up Works:

  • You first need to subscribe to the Farm Stand

  • We will “open” the Farm Stand sometime on Monday and you will be notified by email at that time
  • There is a $2 "Buy In" fee and then you can add ANY items available
    *It is still early in the season and there is A LOT of interest in farm fresh produce right now, so you may want to shop for those items as soon as you receive the email, because the veggies are selling out quickly!

  • This is also when you will choose your pick up day — either Friday 3-6pm, or Saturday 9am-1pm 

    *Please note: there is no way through the online platform to change your pick up day so please choose accordingly.

  • You will have until Wednesday at 6pm to go back in to add or delete items before the Farm Stand is Closed. *You are not charged until after the Farm Stand closes.

  • We will harvest & pack your order.

  • Please pick up your order on your selected Pick Up Day — either Friday or Saturday — within the allotted hours. 

    Please read the instructions below...

    There is a good chance the farm crew will be out in the field and no one will be there to assist you

    Park in the lower parking lot — unless you need Handicap Parking up by the barn (in which case, you would enter through the private driveway, by Mr & Mrs Cropsey’s house).

    Walk up the Hill toward the barn. Depending on the weather, your order may be outside the barn (West or South Sides) or inside in the Farm Store section of the barn. 

    Your order will be in a crate with your name/order on it.

    Please bring bags/boxes to transfer your items from the crates.

    IMPORTANT: Please wear a face mask and adhere to physical distancing guidelines (at least 6 feet apart) in case you run into anyone :)

    Thank you & Enjoy!

As the season progresses, more & more vegetables will become available… And as we prepare to open the Cropsey Farm Store for in-person shopping (once things are deemed safe), we will be adding more inventory.

Please feel free to tell friends or family who may be interested… or if you know someone who makes something amazing you think belongs in our store, please have them contact us at