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Winter/Spring 2019 Week 1 of 14; Meat Share (Beef, Pork, Chicken)- Coopers CSA Farm Happenings

Posted on November 2nd, 2019 by Lisa Cooper

Our winter season has begun! 

The animals may not be grazing pasture anymore but they still get to enjoy the outdoors. The breeds we have selected for our cattle and our pigs are very tolerant to Canada's cold winters! They have no problem with cold temps & snow. We provide them with a nice barn full of warm straw to snuggle up in. 

Pasture: Our animals still get a helping of our pasture all winter long as their main food source. We cut and bale hay during the summer to store for feed in the winter.

Poultry: Our laying hens get to hang out in a warm barn all winter and peck away at straw bales and yummy feed.

A few things to know as members of our meat Share program;

  • We reuse the red bags the shares come in. Please return them!
    • Home delivery members can leave the bag out on the morning of their next delivery, the driver will pick it up.
  • You may receive frozen water bottles or ice packs with your share, please leave them in the bags and return them as-well.
  • Remember to fill out your preferences! This is how your shares are made up.
  • Home Delivery** If you have you shares delivered to your home, make sure some one is there to grab it as soon as possible! 

Preference Tips: 

  • You can always change the score of your preferences. 
    • This could change the likely hood of receiving certain items.


  • Going away and will miss delivery?  You can reschedule you share to the next delivery date available,
    • This is done on your harvie account.
    • You can not reschedule on the last week of the season as there is no remaining weeks. The summer season begins.


  • Our meat all comes frozen! This does not affect the taste of the meat.
  • There are no preservatives in our meat.
    • This means our meat cooks fast! Be sure to monitor while cooking.
    • There is salt in our smoking products as that is part of the process to smoke meat.
  • We encourage 'nose-to-tail' eating. Which means trying all parts of the animal so there is no waste.


There is a small extras section where you can order some of our other items available. 

We hope you enjoy your first delivery of the winter season!

Any questions please contact us.

-Steve & Lisa