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Cooper’s CSA Farm Happenings Nov 6-9 2019 Winter Spring Farm Box

Posted on November 2nd, 2019 by Lisa Cooper

Welcome to the beginning of our Winter/Spring Farm Box season. In the 2 weeks since the end of our summer season we have harvested and tucked into storage all of our root crops, finished harvesting and took down our seasonal greenhouse tunnels, put all the irrigation equipment away and have most of our livestock moved to their winter paddocks. Our core field crew, Jairo, Fili, Lio, and Jose head home to Mexico on the 14th. We need to get some firewood cut in the bush, and get some more lines up in the bush for maple syrup season before we get into winter.

  • We had the latest harvest of field tomatoes ever. they are available (beefsteak and Roma) . Lets get these used up as there aren't anymore and they wont keep for long.
  • Jan Hing Farms around the corner from us are supplying beautiful spinach and bunching onions, again crops that may not last much longer
  • We have Kalettes!! A cross between kale and brussels sprouts, sized like a brussels sprout but are a kale floret. They are delicious. Google them on line for recipe ideas. We love them in stir fry.
  • Once again we are working with Links Greenhouse in Bowmanville. They are supplying the lettuce and green house tomatoes.
  • We always recommend folks who get delivery set out a cooler for us to put the box in. We aren't too far away from extreme cold temperatures. If you want your delivery put in your garage or inside your front door, email us directly with the instructions so we can add it to our notes.

Please remember we take back all boxes red bags, and 1 dozen egg cartons. We love to re use. We are experimenting with a compostable bag for packing some of the veggies this winter. Hopefully they work well, we are always looking for ways to be better for the environment.

Talk again soon

Steve & Lisa