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Common Roots Urban Farm CSA Newsletter #15

Posted on September 17th, 2020 by Terra Dumas

A few fun things...

Praying Mantis on our insect netting covering some young mustard greens. They are incredible pest predators.

This radish is looking a bit cheeky...

Bones demonstrating how to properly us the bed of the truck.

Bambi, in our neck of the woods has a special way of telling us they’re in the area. Feel the love?

So much detail and color in these flowers. It’s a feast for the eyes and a testament to Nature’s beauty.

Mich is a dog of many hats. He likes watermelon on hot days. Who doesn’t though, am I right?!

These are just a few photos I had in my reel of farm things from the past month or so. I hope you found them amusing and are continuing to enjoy your shares. 

Eat well and enjoy.