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More good food for you!

Posted on September 4th, 2019 by Lisa Merva

September Greetings!

This week, the Pepper Parade continues, with so many varieties to choose from:

Sweet Banana Peppers... Mild and tangy. At this point in the year we are even starting to get some red ones, which are even tastier

"Cute Stuff" Mini Bell Pepper Mix... People are loving these little cuties

Jalapeño Peppers... Everybody is reporting these are hotter than usual this year

Poblano Peppers... Mild, earthy and meaty-- a favorite for stuffing

Hungarian Hot Wax Peppers... A cousin to the banana pepper, but with a medium heat. Jalapeños are a bit too spicy for me, so I am loving the lower level heat that these bring

Hot Pepper Mix... this one's a grab bag! Peppers include jalapeños, Lombach chilis, Hungarian Hot Wax, habaneros, a variety of "Reaper" peppers (reported to be the hottest pepper known to man) and more!

Sweet Peppers... Our standard mixed sweet pepper bag is anything but standard! A variety of heirloom peppers of various shapes, sizes and colors... so fresh and crunchy compared to grocery store peppers

If you haven't tried any of our Luna Baking Co. breads, now is the time because Luna is on sale this week! The loaves are perfect for sandwiches and toast, and the Rosemary Sea Salt Epi is a lovely addition to any table with it's wheat stalk shape that makes it easy and fun to pull off pieces of bread.

We love all of our local bakeries, and this week those of you with an Independent Baking Co. Bread Share will get...


A rustic Italian white bread that is buttery, toasty and the nutty. Open crumb with nice big air bubbles... and when it comes to bread, those air bubbles mean flavor and aroma!

Without further ado... Let's eat!