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Farm Happenings for October 5th, 2022

Posted on September 30th, 2022 by Mike Finger

The customization period for this coming Wednesday's (October 5th) farm share is now OPEN and will remain so until midnight, Sunday (10/2).  If you'd like to review or edit the items in your harvest NOW is the time to do so.  Once again, we have a robust list of crops available for this week's harvest , so if you do want to delete, swap, or add items you have some choices available to you.  If the link in this email doesn't connect you to your customization page, you can always log directly into your Harvie member account and customize from that location.

 This Week's Photo: We brought in the first bins of winter squash from the field this week.  The fruit shown in the photo are Kabocha type squash, sweet with dry (potato like) flesh.  With dry and warm conditions continuing into next week, we have excellent conditions for harvesting this crop.  We've set the irrigation for perhaps the last time (on our fall brassicas), or at least we hope such will be true ~ it's a bit unseemly to irrigate in October...

Thanks for your support and membership!

Mike, Kim, and Crew

Cedarville Farm

P.S. Thanks to those of you who have been returning your boxes the past weeks ~ it's a huge assist to us!

Thanks for your membership and support.

Your Farmers,

~ Mike , Kim, and Crew

Cedarville Farm