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Farm Happenings for November 23, 2021

Posted on November 12th, 2021 by Mike Finger

The customization deadline for this week is Sunday (tomorrow) November 21st at 10:30 p.m. Delivery next week is on TUESDAY, November 23rd.

Hi, Friends:

Cedarville met the Nooksack  River this past week, up close and personal.  But it was a brief visit for us and soon the brown torrent had slipped back through the woods, leaving us very damp in places but unscathed.  This week's photo was taken last Monday and shows the NE corner of our fields where we had grown this year's peppers and winter squash, long since harvested. At the very right of the field, entirely out of view on account of being submerged, isa very nice patch of Bok Choi we were excited to offer you, but will now allow to return to the soil. This was a stunning and disturbing event that developed rapidly and engulfed much of the land around the farm, but thankfully spared the majority of our producing beds and did no damage to equipment or buildings.  We lucked out on this one, but thinking of the future does give us pause. Is this a once in a generation event, as some have said, or some point in the changing spectrum of the "new normal" for our regional climate.  For better or worse, we have a front row seat.

Please consider donating to one of many efforts to provide support, financial and otherwise, to farms, businesses, and communities hurt by this terrible event.  Here are a few we'd recommend:

** Financial Support for Terra Verde Farm (Amy and Skuter Fontaine. Dear friends of many years, Amy farmed for us as a young lass straight out of college, got the farming bug, and started Terra Verde w/  her sweetie, soon to be husband, Skuter. They've lost equipment and crops for their CSA and sustained damage to their buildings and home. GoFund Me Campaign for Terra Verde Farm

** Financial Support for Mariposa Farm. We drive past this new and beautifully organized farm every week and the damage they've sustained is heart breaking: home flooded, new tractors and buildings submerged.  They will almost have to start over. Widely regarded as lovely people and excellent farmers. Go Fund Me Campaign for Mariposa Farm

** The Resilence Fund of the Whatcom Community Fund.  A good place to donate if you'd like to give support to the broader recovery effort involving local businesses, individuals, and the community at large.

** Resource Page for Flood Relief Efforts in Whatcom & Skagit Counties. A large list of groups working to assist businesses, farms, individuals, organizations, and the community at large.  Created by the good folks at Sustainable Connections.

Thank You for donations of any size you can give these and other efforts to help our community rebuild.  Thanks for your membership in our farm and your support generally of local farms and businesses. 

~ Mike, Kim, & Crew

Cedarville Farm