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Kicking Off Our 2024 CSA Season!

Posted on June 3rd, 2024 by Daniel Zimmerli

A quick refresher on our "Farm Happenings" in Harvie: they're are essentially short blog posts about things that are happening on the farm. For the most part, the content of the happening is the same or borrows from our weekly email newsletter. In general, they are about what we have been working on the previous week and usually contain a little more in depth info than our social media posts.


Rain, Rain Go Away

I really hate to being saying that after 3 years of drought but at this point our field work and planting work is stalled due to excessive rainfall creating conditions so wet that we can’t complete our field work. We’re about 1 week behind on our planting schedule on account of the excess rain and even further behind on weeding. On top of that, some of our crops are growing slower than expected as their roots are too saturated and need adequate airflow for optimal growth. It’s a little stressful.

It’s not all bad news though. Our tunnel crops look great and this kind of weather really underscores the importance of tunnels for our farm. We’ve also been able to squeeze in weeding and transplanting here and there as conditions allow and it’s bound to dry up at some point. Every year has different challenges and it’s up to us to choose how to respond to them. The different set of challenges we face each year is what helps our farm to grow, adapt and overcome these challenges.

Our New (to us) Market Vehicle!

This winter we purchased a cargo van and we are so excited (you know you’ve hit peak adulthood when you’re excited about a van)! The cargo van will allow us to bring more CSA shares to drop sites this season and will be a better winter delivery vehicle for us. We maxed out on capacity with the truck and trailer combo we had been using several times last season.

We also got a partial wrap on the van that turned out really cool! We like that it both stands out but also isn’t too over the top. It should make us really easy to spot at the farmers market and while we’re out and about.