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Drought year two?

Posted on June 22nd, 2022 by Daniel Zimmerli

This week on the farm we're growing concerned that we may have another year of drought. Last year was tough on a lot of farms; so much so that the Minnesota Department of Agriculture is offering drought relief reimbursements where specialty crop growers (that's us) and livestock farmers can be reimbursed for expenses they incurred due to the drought. We're grateful that this program was enacted because we do not have access to meaningful crop insurance that corn and soybean growers have access to.

What we're seeing on the farm right now is increasingly dry and hot conditions, much like last June. The record setting heat from this previous Monday coupled with several windy days in a row and no significant rainfall in over a week has the farm looking really dry. We're started spot irrigating crops this week and will be running irrigation nearly non-stop until we either get a rain or get enough water out on our crops. It's a lot of extra work but we do what it takes to make sure we get a good harvest.

We're hoping for rain soon!