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Last Lettuce of The Season.

Posted on December 13th, 2021 by Daniel Zimmerli

Lettuce is one our favorite crops to grow. It comes in so many different colors, shapes, textures, and sizes and it's something we can grow nearly all season long. Not to mention the outstanding flavor of our homegrown lettuce. We can't get enough. One of our major initiatives this year was pushing the envelope on how long we can grow lettuce and we've set a new record for our farm.

Our last lettuce harvest will be this week about half way through December just in time for the December 18 farmers market! Yup, that's right - we're STILL growing produce this time of year! And because of the shelf life of our lettuce, you'll be able to eat a Minnesota grown salad on Christmas day. We achieved this using a couple different strategies by growing and trialing cold tolerant varieties of lettuce along with the use of our caterpillar tunnels and frost protection. We are SO excited to be able to bring you lettuce this time of year.

Grab your last locally grown salad of the season this December 18th at the Mankato Farmers Market!