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Farm Happenings for September 15, 2020

Posted on September 13th, 2020 by Chad and Liz Shinn

Hello friends

Well what can we say. What a devastating week our beautiful state has, and continues to endure. We still do not know the magnitude of all that has happened. We are fearful of what is yet to discover, but hopeful and grateful that most of us will be able to move forward. We are humbled, yet again by Mother Nature. 

When Covid-19 came into our lives, we farmers felt very fortunate for the safe work environment we have and put our shoulders to the wheel to make sure that food security was indeed intact for our community. But this is a whole other ball game. What we do is not safe. Even though not being engulfed in raging fires, the air is too thick with smoke. We are fortunate that we have appropriate masks for smoke particles, but they just do not seem to be doing the trick. 

In preparation for a market last Saturday and CSA pickup, we tried to work. Our crew tried to come out and work, but we sent them home with pay only after a couple hours. Thursday came and we both started to feel the effects of being outside too long. We won't go into details, but some things had us pretty scared. So, Thursday night we had made the decision to not do market, even though the market had not planned to make the decision until Friday, in hopes that the winds would change and market could go on. The next question was whether we were to attempt to harvest just for CSA and preorders. This one was even tougher. Our commitment to you, our members, we take very seriously. We knew that we could not have our crew out but decided that our bodies couldn't do it either. We are heartbroken. 

We would like to thank each and everyone of you for being understanding. Thank you to all of you who have reached out to us and offered words of encouragement, love and support.This is why we do what we do! Our little CSA community is so very special to us and this year has been no exception! We are blessed!

Now, hopefully the weather will switch and we can get back to work! There's a lot to clean up and new seeds of hope to plant!

All our love,

Liz and Chad