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Farm Happenings for August 4, 2020

Posted on August 2nd, 2020 by Chad and Liz Shinn

Hello All,

Is it weird that we finally feel like summer is here?!!It was an extra hot week on the farm, but through that heat we felt very productive. Our crew is settling in nicely and we feel like we are starting to catch up. We have a really good vibe with our crew and that makes all the difference in the world! We are very grateful for their hard work and positivity they bring everyday!

We will have sweet corn this week!! That is if Chad stops eating them as an afternoon snack, hahaha! We love to eat fresh corn raw! One of our favorite farmer perks is when our tummy's are rumbling, we go picking! Warm cherry tomatoes, fresh corn, cucumbers and green beans are easily satisfying!

Like last week, we are bringing back little gem lettuce and sweet onions! Because of market rules, we are not allowed to use other farms that do not do Corvallis/Albany markets for our CSA market pick ups. So if you are a Tuesday or Wednesday pick up, your lettuce and onions will, again be from Sunrise Organic Farm. If you are a Saturday market pickup, your lettuce and onions will be from Eloisa's Organic Farm. 

We hope you are all doing well and staying cool and safe! Have a beautiful week!

-Liz and Chad