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It's not good bye...

Posted on November 8th, 2020 by Tim Brown

Hello Folks, well here we are at the final week of CSA deliveries for the 2020 season! We really hope that you've enjoyed the experience and the produce that you received this year. I know some of you have just added the share on recently and didn't get a chance to experience the whole growing season along with us, but we hope that you enjoyed what you received and will join us next year for the full ride. It has been an excellent season overall, even with all the challenges that mother nature threw at us. We look forward to doing it again next year and hope that all of you will return for another season. We are expanding again next year and plan on providing even more produce with increased diversity as well. 


We have some extra add-ons this time. You can stock up on a couple of different varieties of locally grown organic potatoes from Igl Farms in Wisconsin. We have Yukon Gold, Red Norland, and Russets as well (which will be in your boxes). You can purchase them in 5lbs. or 10lbs. In regard to the frozen whole chicken, these are all pasture-raised birds from our farm. We process them at an IL-USDA facility. They are about 6lbs. average weight. We are selling them at a flat rate because that seems to be the best way to do it through this platform. They are fantastic and are a great substitution for turkey during the holidays. We will have these items available after the CSA is closed for the season by contacting us directly via email, phone, or text. We encourage you to stock up now though if you're interested as we usually get another rush of orders around the holidays.  


Thank you all again for your support this year no matter how long you've been with us. We really appreciate all of you and what you do for the local food system. We definitely feel that relationships like these are what truly hold our communities together, regardless of what is happening out in the broader world. We wish all of you health and happiness as we enter into the final portion of the year. We can't wait to see all of you again next Spring as we welcome back warmer weather (even though it is 70 outside right now).  We hope you and your families all have a fantastic holiday season as well!


All the best,

Tim Brown