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Welcome to our Digital Farm Stand!

Posted on March 24th, 2020 by Janet Aardema

Reminder: Pick up runs from 12:00 until 12:30 today, drive-through style at the entrance to our farm (which is a dirt cul-de-sac, so you'll be able to easily turn around to exit). Our wonderful employee Jessica will be handing you your orders. PLEASE  MAKE SURE you collect each item ordered - Bread and Plants and Eggs need to be handed to you separately from the vegetables (which will be in green bags with handles).    Best, Janet & Dan

Farm address: 9501 Deer Range Rd, 23120

Hello dears - 

We are trying something new! This is our first time with something like this and we thank you in advance for your patience, understanding, and most of all your willingness to try new systems with us. 

This system will create for you an order with four vegetable items in it based on what we are harvesting this week. You may add "Extras" including -- plants for your own garden, -- our Breads that we'll bake Thursday morning, -- Elderberry Syrup made by Janet, -- herbal Salve made by Sylvie, and -- Eggs from Steve Ault's farm*. You can also swap out items for other items. You have until 6:30 Wednesday morning to make changes or additions to your share. 

Pick up will be drive-through style at the entrance to our farm on Thursday from 12:00 - 12:30. (But if you can't be here during that exact window, just let us know. These logistics are a work in progress!)

*Steve Ault has been farming organically for longer than us, raising amazing laying hens, lambs, and pork. We are thrilled to have been friends with him for many years and endorse his farming methods.) ALSO -- for interested meat eaters: Steve Ault has 2 processed lambs available, frozen, packaged in separate cuts, for $250 each. If anyone would like to purchase one, email us and we can put you in contact with Steve as well as arrange hand off here at our farm.

Thank you for wanting the food we grow (and bake), and thank you for getting creative with us to do new things!

With lots of love and gratitude, 

Janet & Dan and all the rest of the crew (Julie, Jessica, Caity, Ray, Mare, Rachel, Diana, Sylvie, Joren, Elletta, and Beckett)