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Second Half of April...Main Season on the Horizon

Posted on April 16th, 2019 by Janet Aardema

Our main season is just on the horizon! This week's share is the last of our "Winter Farm Share" season.

Thank you so, so much for joining us for this inaugural Winter Season and first run with the Harvie software. We hoped you've enjoyed the vegetables (and bread) and the process. If you haven't signed up for a Farm Share for our main season (May through November, weekly or bi-weekly), please do so soon. We have just a very few shares remaining. 

We have vegetables, flours, and breads for you like usual this week, plus we have an assortment of PLANTS available for you to choose from for your garden. 

Our fields are filling up with vegetables for our main season harvest! It is satisfying and beautiful to experience them growing. It's depressing as some of them die. But we anticipate another delicious season with whatever variability the weather and plants give us. We hope you'll be joining us!

Enjoy the unfolding of springtime! We hope to see each of you in person soon. 


Janet & Dan