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Final Share for this Season!

Posted on November 21st, 2019 by Janet Aardema

Reminder: This is our last Farm Share for this season!  Thank you so much for choosing us to grow food for you! Please join us for our 2020 Farm Share

We grow vegetables through the winter in our greenhouses, but there is less quantity and less diversity than the warm season. You can purchase our vegetables (and bread) by visiting our FarmStand at our farm (pay attention to Facebook/Instagram for when it's open and what's in stock), at our booth at the Farmers' Market at St. Stephens, and through the online farmers' market Fall Line Farms. Our Farm Share starts back up again in May 2020 - our tenth season in business!  

Colder than average temps for mid November have meant an earlier-than-usual end to a lot of the vegetables in our fields. We're harvesting the remaining vegetables from the field for you, plus crops from our greenhouses. That was a cold first half of November!

{Dan, on November 12, 2019}

The majority of the Cabbage and Broccoli that we planted for you for these last two shares of November were killed by that cold. They are fine in 30 degrees, but not multiple mornings of 24 and 22. Every season is different, and we are so grateful for you to experience it with us.

We'll include this note about pies from last week for those with a bi-weekly share who didn't get this email last week...
We're making a lot of soups and pies this time of year. Savory pies are a fantastic way to enjoy fall vegetables. We make quiche/frittata as an egg-and-veggie pie, and we make sweet pie with winter squash as well as savory versions. We also like a sweet Green Tomato Pie that mimics apple pie in an amazing way. (Psst...our 12 year old daughter is getting incredibly good at making pies and we are encouraging her to lead a pie-making workshop soon. Stay tune, and encouragements are welcome if you see her! The one below is made with unripe Butternut Squash that we pulled from the field in advance of the freeze this past weekend. We heard that you could still eat the unripe ones and she found a recipe through a Little House on the Prairie cookbook for this pie. It was delicious, and she has ideas for improving the recipe technique.) 

Enjoy your options this week, please seek out our veggies (and bread) this winter, and please join us for our 2020 Farm Share!


Janet & Dan, for us all