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Farm Happenings for September 25, 2019

Posted on September 23rd, 2019 by Janet Aardema

Happy First day of Fall! Around 4 am this morning, the sun crossed the celestial equator and thus we officially entered the fall season. Weather wise, not much has changed, however. Our farm's location is on the drought map, and we can tell. Salad greens are continuing to protest the hot and dry weather, but we are able to harvest enough for our Farm Share members.


1) SAVE THE DATE - Our Annual Farm Share Member Social is on Sunday, October 20th from 2-5pm. We'll send out an evite asking for rsvp's, but please plan to join us for a chance to spend time among the fields that have been providing for you, chat with us farmers, meet other members, and enjoy some nice food and drink. We run this as an "optional potluck" meaning you can bring something to share if you'd like, but feel no obligation. We prepare some food, provide some drinks, and everything always works out wonderfully. 

2) We've started a new Instagram page to showcase some of our farmhouse meals. Give BfFarmFood a follow if you'd like inspiration about what to do with the vegetables we grow. We're not food photographers nor professional chefs, but we sure eat well! We'd love you to see what it looks like and get ideas for your meals.

Enjoy your options this week!

-Janet & Dan