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Farm Happenings for June 12, 2021

Posted on June 10th, 2021 by Janet Aardema

Tomatoes make their debut! Remember to collect Tomatoes in paper bags with your name on it - we don't put them in the green boxes (which we keep in cold storage overnight before your pick up day.) They are in a crate right beside the cold vegetables. (Same for breads, flowers, fermented vegetables, and eggs...) Since it's still only June 10, there aren't as many tomatoes as there is demand for them, but hopefully these plants will keep producing well and we'll have the summer abundance of tomatoes that we are accustomed to and love! 

We start harvesting Cabbage for you tomorrow! This week's harvest is Napa/Chinese cabbage. It is fantastic used any way that one would normally use smooth cabbage -- in cole slaw (American or Asian style), in stir fry, braised, or in a saute. 

And...we have so many varieties of fresh herbs available for you! We love making our meals more flavorful by using lots of different culinary herbs. Whether you are making dressings, marinades, or simply a green salad, fresh herbs add a huge boost of flavor and nutrition. Dive in and give them a try! 

Harvest update: We harvested more than 2,000 pounds of onions in the past few days! Some we'll offer to you next week in the mostly "green" stage, and we'll cure most of them for shares over the next couple of months. 

There are some very delicious and sumptuous herbal options for you in the "Extras" section today! Our friend Katherine at Gathered Threads has prepared the following Herb kits for you that you can purchase as a one-time, a la carte option: 

:: Tea & Wellness Box: Mint Blend (for tea or to make simple syrup), Winding Down tea, 2nd Chakra Tea, Milky Oat Tops (for tea or as infusion to use as liqued when making rice, etc.), White Chocolate Vegan Fudge Kit (herbs to combine with cocoa butter, cashews, and sweetener to make your own fudge)

:: Herbs for the Kitchen Box: Asian Salad Dressing (herbs provided - you combine with oil and vinegar), Lemon Basil Mojito, Cornbread Seasoning, Rose Sugar, Salt-Free Seasoning

:: Herbs for the Body & Soul Box: Moisturizing Rose Body Oil, Calendula Oil Kit, Sunburn Soak - Herbal  Bath Salts, Rosemary Hydrosol, 3rd Chakra Tea

---> An informational sheet is included in each box to provide you with details and instructions. Adding herbal diversity to your life is so enriching! 


The delicious fermented vegetable options listed here are also from Katherine at Gathered Threads. We've been making our own fermented/cultured vegetables for years, and hers are the most delicious we've ever tasted! Give them a try. Your taste buds and your gut flora will thank you. 


A note about Eggs - We offer them to you when our egg farmer friends (Steve Ault and/or Robert Hutchins) have enough available for us to list them here. It is often unpredictable and erratic, but Steve Ault is increasing his number of hens (he has plenty of pasture room!) in order to make more available soon. Just pay attention in the options once you log in. There are some eggs available today!

Enjoy your options this week! Our fields are so full of deliciousness for you!

Blessings on your meals ~

Janet, Dan and the whole Broadfork Crew (Julie, Karen, Rachel, Courtney, Maya, Nick, Parker, Ramsi, and the farm kids)
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