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Seeding & Drying Out!

Posted on February 23rd, 2021 by Janet Aardema

It's now full-on seeding time here, and it's a time of dreaming of drying out! That will likely remain a dream for a while based on the abundance of rain still in the forecast. Please cross your fingers with us as spring approaches. A super-saturated farm in the early spring is a major cause of delayed plantings, and thus delayed harvests. Oof. 

Meanwhile, the length of daylight hours keeps increasing every day. Plants are showing subtle signs of increased growth, encouraging us along this annual process of farmer-springtime optimism. 

It'll be a few weeks before any new crops join our harvest list, but greens, herbs, and carrots are still here to nourish you along. Enjoy your options!

Blessings on your meals, and we hope as many of you as possible are getting your vaccine shots! We are waiting for our turn. 

– Janet, Dan, & the winter Broadfork crew (Karen, Rachel, and the farm kids)
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