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Farm Happenings for September 19, 2020

Posted on September 16th, 2020 by Janet Aardema

Kale and Kittens! September is so much fun on our farm. 
(Kale harvest pictured above. Kitten carrying below!)

And September is delicious. (It always comes back to delicious, right? We love this food so much.) For those that haven't heard our story, we (Janet & Dan) fell in love with being surrounded by food (in the form of vegetable plants) while also falling in love with working outside and with each other. It is now so fun and heartwarming to share our passion for organic food and farming with our 4 children and 7 staff members in our fields - and with our community through our harvests! Thank you for enjoying it all and being part of this. 

**Eggs! We are now offering Eggs from our friends' farm through Harvie. Robert Hutchinson of Deer Run Farm of Amelia and Steve Ault of Ault's Family Farm are no longer going to market and therefore need an outlet for their fantastic eggs from their pastured chickens. Both feed supplemental non-gmo grain, as chickens require feed in addition to pasture. We've been to both of their farms and attest to their farming practices as well as the delicious quality of their eggs. We'll be able to continue this if enough people order them with their Farm Share. You'll find them in the "Extras" section. At pick up, look for Eggs in a cooler, separate from vegetables/green boxes. 

Re: Your options this week: Eggplant plants have finally woken up! Likely August was so rainy they entered a less-productive stage of growth. These are vegetables that a lot of people fear or misunderstand. Please embrace them! They are so tasty with simple preparation: Roast with oil and salt. Drizzle with balsamic reduction or dip into chipotle mayo. Or grill. We also slice and mix Eggplant into Asian-inspired meals - think ginger, garlic, noodles, and green beans. Eggplant dip/Baba ganoush is also a favorite in our family. Roast or grill the eggplant, then puree with garlic, tahini, olive oil, salt, lemon juice, etc. We don't peel them! We just blend the tender skin into the dip.

GINGER is also in some of your shares. In this climate, we harvest Ginger at the "baby" stage which means the skin is so thin you don't need to peel before using. It is incredibly tasty and medicinal. It doesn't stay turgid in the fridge for much more than a week but it freezes wonderfully. You can grate just what you need for a dish (or tea) from a frozen piece. 

We send loving thoughts to everyone as many households are still navigating new territory with work and school logistics. We're here to support you in getting these vegetables into your meals - simply and deliciously. 

Blessings on your meals, and keep masking up and washing your hands ~

Janet, Dan, & the whole Broadfork crew (Julie, Caity, Karen, Ray, Diana, Rachel, Mare, and the kids: Sylvie, Joren, Elletta, and Beckett)
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