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Farm Happenings for July 25, 2020

Posted on July 23rd, 2020 by Janet Aardema

Dearest Farm Share Members - 

We shared this on social media yesterday and owe it to you to also share here, as you are our community members eating food we grow each wee: We have swirling thoughts about how our country has mis-handled COVID-19 and the fall out for schooling, homeschooling, marginalized communities, people of color, and ultimately us all to unjust varying degrees. As we watch favorite local businesses announce that they are closing up or scaling back indoor exposure after watching other parts of the country, we want to shout from our barn rooftop "WE ARE STAYING THE COURSE!" We are wearing masks anytime we leave our farm. We are not going to friends' houses. We are not going to gatherings. We are not inviting people to our home or farm other than shopping while wearing a mask at our open-air FarmStand. We are not relaxing our "safer at home" behavior. We occasionally get take-out to support our favorite restaurants. We are doing all that we know to do to keep our family and greater community healthy and safe.

Meanwhile, oblivious to a pandemic, summer "fruits" (vegetables with seeds inside of them) are in their prime right now! Look for lots of options for Tomatoes, Eggplants, Sweet Peppers, and...the one fruit-fruit we grow: Watermelons! We are also rich from our harvests of Onions and Potatoes. The work days have been very long recently but the rewards are many. We've honed in on the best heat-tolerant Lettuce varieties so we still have hundreds of heads of Lettuce for you. Carrots are now done until the fall harvest (wish them luck germinating in the upcoming August heat!) but Red and Gold Beets are still growing and delicious.

Eat well this week, and please help us wish for some rain. In addition to the record-tying heat (Andrew Frieden reported at the beginning of this week that we haven't had two 100 degree days back-to-back like Sunday/Monday since 2012), it is now very dry at our farm. We haven't had any significant rain in quite some time. Plants are stressed by this, and our irrigation source is not abundant enough for true drought conditions. If anyone has had positive experiences with a water dowser, please get in touch. 

Blessings on your meals, and keep masking up and washing your hands ~

Janet, Dan, & the whole Broadfork crew (Julie, Caity, Karen, Ray, Diana, Rachel, Mare, Tom, and the kids: Sylvie, Joren, Elletta, and Beckett)
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