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Farm Happenings for June 27, 2020

Posted on June 25th, 2020 by Janet Aardema

**REMEMBER your TOMATOES - in separate paper bags, with names, in white crates. Bright pink sign is on crate saying "LOOK! Collect your Tomatoes!" (This is because refrigerating them compromises texture and flavor, and so we don't refrigerate them with the green boxes.) 
Picture above:  Our oldest child, now 13, is making the mixed flower bunches this season. It's a win-win for all!

For our every-other-week Members: Here's a recap from what we also emailed last week: Last weekend marked the official end to Spring and the start of Summer. It's an important marker for us as farmers each year. As "real" Summer unfolds, the trifecta of our region's signature combination of heat, humidity, and bugs will tax the plants we are tending. We have prepared them as well as we know how - we treated them well as babies in the greenhouse and prepared their home in the field with nourishing amendments. We continue to prune, feed, water, in some cases trellis, and in all cases monitor the health of the plants. Summertime is the time of bounty but it is also the time of most stress for the plants. Interesting, isn't it?! We'll keep up our work. Thank you for eating the results! 

To support Black led farming organizations, Soul Fire Farm has compiled an excellent list of entities here. As Soul Fire authors state: "The food system was built on the stolen land and stolen labor of Black, Indigenous, Latinx, Asian and people of color." This is true. We all need to eat, and if those with the financial means to support agricultural justice can help rectify the food system, we will all benefit.  

Thank you for the ways in which each of you are spreading peace and building justice in our community, and thank you for being with us as we continue to learn and do better. 

Farm Share logistics reminders:

- When you arrive at pick up: Find the bin with your name, take the contents, and leave us the empty green bin.

Check your label for any circled items that will be separate from the bag. (Ie: Tomatoes, Bread, Flowers.) Collect those items. 

- You are responsible for collecting all of your items at the location you choose, and during the time frame indicated. 
The software we use does not have vacation weeks built in. Instead, if you can't pick up a particular week you can reschedule that week's share for a future week in this software (Harvie), or you can have a friend or family member pick up for you. Just forward this email to them so they know the details. 

With Phase 2 unfolding and restrictions relaxing, all of our farm staff are all still completely healthy and continuing diligent hand washing, social distancing, mask-wearing, and extremely limiting the activities any of us are involved in off the farm. We continue to monitor the health of all staff. We are strictly following the CDC's recommendations for how to live life safely and with appropriate precautions, plus the governor's orders about our activity, as well as the Va. Dept of Ag's rules about farm business and farmers' market logistics. Any questions at all? Reach out! 

Blessings on your meals, and wash your hands often ~

Janet, Dan, & the whole Broadfork crew (Julie, Caity, Karen, Ray, Diana, Rachel, Mare, Tom, and the kids: Sylvie, Joren, Elletta, and Beckett)
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