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Past the Hottest Point of the Summer!

Posted on July 25th, 2019 by Janet Aardema

We normally flood your emails with pictures from the farm, but today we share this pic from the weekend to show that we are real people - we are not always in the field, and not always with vegetables. As we shared on social media this morning, we have this ridiculous tradition of celebrating the statistically-hottest-point of summer (one month after the summer solstice, in case you didn't know) with an organic hot dog party. This year, it really was the hottest day of the summer! After market Saturday morning, we picked up these buns (Certified Organic Flour! Thank you, Ellwood Thompson's bake shop!) and enjoyed an evening of yummy food (we literally only eat hot dogs once per year, and yes, we bought Organic ones), fancy hot dog toppings, fans, ice, and cold drinks. It was exactly what we needed to lift our spirits and remind us that the dog days of summer would not swallow us up. Then Tuesday of this week was actually chilly and rainy! We loved wearing pants and long sleeve shirts. We are clearly on the other side of this beast we call mid summer. And the eating is so good.

Enjoy your options this week! 


Janet & Dan