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All Pick Ups Normal for July 6

Posted on July 4th, 2019 by Janet Aardema

All Farm Share pick ups this week are normal, even with the July 4th Holiday. 

- TOMATOES, Bread, and FLOWERS are always separate from the green boxes.

- PLEASE tell anyone you have picking up your share for you that they need to find the box with your name on it, plus any items of yours outside of the box. 

- Join our Facebook group for our Farm Share members

Read our farm's blog to hear and see thoughts and pictures during the season. 

After a late spring/early summer of really favorable weather, we are now entering a dry time. Please do your rain dances for us to get a little water on these plants! We irrigate from two sources, but a real rain from time to time is very helpful. 

Cherry Tomatoes are giving us a good challenge this summer, as a good number of the plants have already completely died. This isn't usual for us, and has us troubleshooting like crazy, but it is always good for us to learn something new. Regardless, our Cherry Tomato harvest is less than what we'd like this time of year, but we still have some for you this weekend. 

Feel free to swing by the farm this holiday weekend. We have a regular work and FarmStand schedule over the next few days, so you can stop by and see the farm and hopefully get a chance to say hi to us while you check in on your growing vegetables. 

Thank you for eating this food!

Janet & Dan