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TOMATOES, Bread, & FLOWERS are outside of the green boxes!

Posted on June 20th, 2019 by Janet Aardema

M.I.P.'s: (Most Important Points)

-TOMATOES, Bread, & FLOWERS are always outside of the green boxes. Please be sure to collect yours each week if you have any of those items in your share. (See picture above for what it looks like at our pick up at Perk! in Bon Air. All other pick up locations are similar: Tomatoes, Bread, & Flowers in separate crates beside the stacks of green boxes.)

If you don't check your email to see if you have any of those in your share, you will be able to tell by reading your label on your box. Those items will be circled. 

- Use something other than Internet Explorer when using the Harvie software. 

- Remember to click "SAVE" after swapping items. 

And enjoy this amazing food! 


Janet & Dan