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Posted on July 15th, 2021 by Adam Blaney

Good evening (morning?)! It's a late one here! 

We actually got to spend a few days off the farm this week, with a trip to Lake Erie for a few days! It was a blessing to take a break, but now we're hitting on all cylinders to catch up and be sure your boxes are all stocked up with veggies. Apologies again for the late email! 

Spring crops are winding down – everyone should get some cabbage this week, which is the last of the early brassicas! Early summer crops are pumping – 1000 pounds of tomatoes picked in 1 week!)! And late summer stuff is beginning – peppers are just now beginning to ripen and okra is coming strong. We are also a week or so away form a steady harvest of beets, which have been utter disappointments to this point. And it's hard to believe, but the Fall seeds are about to be planted. Sheesh, where did Summer go!? 

And finally, if anyone is interested, we are offering boxes of canning tomatoes, for those of you who are sauce or juice makers. I'll include them in the extras list for you to purchase this week. $20 for a 20# box. 

I hope you're week has been great, and we'll see you soon!