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And That's a Wrap, 2020!

Posted on December 1st, 2020 by Adam Blaney

Well... We have arrived at the end of 2020 CSA Season, and what a ride! Not a moment too soon, as the first winter snow has arrived.

First let us just say, thank you. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you! Small, sustainable farms who don't have amazing supports like you are... well, not sustainable. So, we only exist because of and for you, our wonderful loyal customers, who believe in building and supporting a local food system just as much as we do. And for that support, we sincerely thank you! 

Second, we believe CSA is primarily about Community. We believe that building a community of people around a source of that community's food is enriching, a blessing, and produces groups of people who share relationships, life, all around a commonality – we all have to eat. Covid-19 has put some serious kinks in our plans to offer some place where we can foster that type of community. You amazing people have helped us feel like we are closer than we are, and for that you should be commended. But, if 2021 can be a hair less of a dumpster fire than 2020