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Farm Happenings for September 11, 2020

Posted on September 9th, 2020 by Adam Blaney

Greetings again from the farm. Apologies for the little delay in this email. You'll have till Thursday night to customize. Thanks for your patience while we figure out the new fall schedule, with kids' school and what not.

It has been an interesting week of ups and downs here this week.

Our days are beginning to show signs of transition – cooler nights (which the greens love), shorter days (which cause us to not work such long hours), and new things to begin harvesting! 

Transitions are all over: tomatoes are beginning to come to an end, 2 months earlier than last year! 2020 continues to throw us curveballs! On the up side, though we hate to see the tomatoes go, you'll have some delicious December salad to enjoy, because we will fill those tomato spots in the tunnel with lettuce plants. 

Summer zucchini and squash as slowing down quite a bit, much sooner than hoped :/ BUT we harvested a literal truckload (see picture above) of spaghetti squash! It is curing in the barn for you to enjoy in a few weeks. We have a nearly as many butternut squash, and tons of little delicata squash, some of which will be in your share Friday! 

It is September, which means we are beginning (ok, maybe more than beginning) to feel worn out from the summer workload. There are still really hot days, but we have to be tending baby, cool-loving Fall crops, which can be a chore! The excitement of the spring planting season is never quite as exciting as the fall planting season to me. But on the upside, the nights are cool, and the days end earlier, and the promise of a beautiful October (my favorite season) is just around the corner. 

I hope the seasonal transitions for you are smooth and enjoyable, and you can find many more ups to counter-balance any of your downs. Choosing to do so gets us through the end-of-summer work! 

Thanks for your support! See you Friday!