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Spring is for New Things!

Posted on May 4th, 2020 by Adam Blaney

It is always such a beautiful and hopeful thing to see Spring reappearing. Winter is gone and newness abounds! 

Flowers emerging, seeds popping, chicks hatching, lettuce heads forming, colors renewed! Hope in renewal and rejuvenation is a wonderful thing! 

This year, as you know, we have embarked on a new kind of "newness," as this is the dawn of our CSA adventure! And CSA week 1 has arrived! As with all things related to change and newness, there is excitement, nervous anticipation, and let's be honest... stress and anxiety :) I think this week, we are feeling a little bit of all of them! 

But for today, we are hopeful and optimistic because we are completing our first harvest estimate, and you are getting your first email of what is in your farm share! 

Spring is here, and all the emotions with it. We hope you are healthy and happy, and as excited as we are. 

Watch for an email from us later today or tomorrow with some specific instructions about your pickup here at the farm. See you soon! 

Adam, Tabby, and kids.