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Farm Happenings for July 24th

Posted on July 24th, 2020 by Kyla Byers

The produce variety is really starting to roll in and it is wonderful! We hope you are all enjoying the wider selection and hardier options now that summer is in full swing.

We'd like to highlight Glacier Valley Farm this week. They are one of our smaller farms but grow a lot of what they do best: zucchini, cucumbers, and one of my favorite, beautiful Yensis onions! Farmer Arthur Keyes saw a big demand for onions but not many farmers that were growing them. So he researched and trialed the best varieties for our unique climate, and found one grew big and tasted great! These onions are on the sweeter side and in early summer (like now!) we can get them with their green tops still on, which are great in place of scallions. So it's kind of like two (oniony-tasting) veggies in one!

Also, check out our new coffee offering this week! We're very excited to start a new partnership with Uncle Leroy's Coffee to bring you some of Alaska's only small batch, micro-roasted coffee. If you don't know their origin story already, Uncle Leroy's Coffee got its start pan-roasting on a 1968 bus that was repurposed into a mobile coffee bar.  They roasted on the road for many years before planting roots in Midtown. We'll be offering two of their favorite blends, roasted to order for you!: 

  • Bus Blend: A light-to-medium roast. They post-blend several levels of Colombia for this batch.  In-house they use the Bus Blend for espresso, but it can equally be brewed for drip or slow brew coffee.  
  • Cuban-Style: Their signature dark roast.  In-house they use the Cuban-style for a cafecito.